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Vegan Vacation i Bergen med nettbutikk fra get|FOOD!

Vegan Vacation i Bergen drives av et lite team - en kokk og en baker- med over 35 års erfaring fra internasjonale restauranter. Sammen lager de fantastiske veganske retter og desserter, og du kan nå bestille take-away fra Vegan Vacation på


We avoid products that have been tested on animals or in any way caused harm to them.


Every sentient being is able to feel mental and physical pleasure and pain; lives of animals are as important to us as lives of humans.


We strictly refrain from use and consumption of anything that was obtained from animals.


Earthlings are responsible for leaving the planet safe and protected for the future generations.


We want people to be mentally and physically healthy, that is why we do not use any added sugars in our meals, even desserts.


All our desserts are raw cooked and gluten-free, so everyone can enjoy their natural flavour.

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